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We are proud to have them join our practice at Northampton Wellness Associates.

We combine conventional medicine with evidence-based natural therapies to treat many chronic conditions.

Our integrative health care team offers a variety of innovative medical services and therapies for the treatment of a wide array of chronic illnesses and medical conditions. We specialize in addressing chronic issues, generally defined as those which have been present for 3 months or more. We can often help patients who have been ill for a very long time, even if they have previously seen many other practitioners without having success.

High Fever and Allergies

Every year about this time I get hay fever. My nose starts to run and my head gets congested; my eyes become watery and itchy some days. Once or twice, it got so bad that my chest felt tight and I began to wheeze a little. What can I do about it?

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Chronic Fatigue – Help!

I am soooo tired. I have a hard time starting up in the morning, then the bottom seems to drop out around mid-afternoon. I can barely make it through the day. I’d like to exercise, but it often makes me feel even worse. This has been going on for a long time. What can I do?

A better way to treat depression & anxiety

I am feeling so down, and nervous these days. It’s been going on for a while. My doctor has tried many different medicines, and I keep getting side effects, and don’t want to depend on them to feel normal. The antidepressants seem to stop working, and the tranquilizers make me feel like a zombie. Is there another way?

the emotion code
the emotion code

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

I think I have Lyme disease, and I may have had it for a long time. I believe I may have been bitten by one of those tiny deer ticks, and then started having night sweats and muscle aches, followed by joint pains. Now I’m also having nerve pains, memory problems, and headaches. My doctor did an antibody test, and said I don’t have it.

We can help. Food allergy testing and natural therapies that really work!


“I have gained insight into the complex interactions of gluten intolerance, malabsorption, dehydration, and pancreatic insufficiency.”
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David D.
“When my doctor gave up on me, I came here for IV’s. It’s the only thing that is helping. It’s nice knowing people who really care that the atmosphere is always positive the IV people are just a great team.”
Age 46
“Allergy treatments and supplements have helped open my sinuses. I’ve learned to identify allergy symptoms and avoid allergenic foods and irritants much better.”
William A.

Let’s diagnose it thoroughly, and work toward an individualized integrative cure.